Deer Valley Resort Real Estate - The Four Areas for Homes and Condos

Select from the four distinctive areas that collectively form the remarkable Deer Valley Resort, an unparalleled destination for experiencing Park City and Summit County life through Utah skiing and mountain biking.

The Deer Valley Resort Area, situated in Park City, Utah, has undergone continuous expansion over the past several decades, incorporating the following four distinct areas of real estate.

When embarking on a real estate search in Deer Valley, buyers often explore properties throughout the resort area. Our team can efficiently assist in refining your search through a brief ten-minute phone call. Whether your preferences lean toward direct ski access, panoramic views, newer construction, or a value-oriented remodel, we have the expertise to guide your search.

We've successfully worked with clients who were undecided about purchasing in Deer Valley for a decade due to finding the right fit. In just two days, we've streamlined their search, providing enough information for an informed decision, and years later, they continue to cherish their chosen residences.

Utilize the underlined links below to explore real estate in different areas of Deer Valley. These links offer the opportunity to research subdivisions and identify the ideal luxury ski property that aligns with your requirements.

UPPER DEER VALLEY: Encompassing 35 subdivisions in the Silver Lake area, this location is in proximity to various restaurants, shops, and renowned lodges. Many properties provide premier ski access to America's top mountain ski resorts.
LOWER DEER VALLEY: Featuring 30 subdivisions at the base of Deer Valley Resort, this area offers excellent views and easy access to downtown Park City. Properties include single-family homes and condos.
DEER CREST: Offering ski-in-ski-out access for nearly all properties for sale, excluding Snowtop, Deer Crest provides stunning views of Bald Mountain and Jordanelle Reservoir. Easily accessible to Park City and the Salt Lake City International Airport. Contact us to discuss new development opportunities for condos in Deer Crest.
EMPIRE PASS: A master-planned community and the newest neighborhood in the Deer Valley resort area, Empire Pass features ski homes and offers the Talisker membership with access to the Talisker Club, shuttle service, and amenities in Tuhaye, including golf.

Explore these areas to find the perfect Deer Valley property that aligns with your lifestyle and preferences.

Refine Your Deer Valley Home and Condo Search

Deer Valley presents a rich array of options for prospective buyers, ranging from opulent ski-in-ski-out single-family homes to condominiums and vacant lots. The condominiums for sale in Deer Valley go beyond the ordinary, offering an impressive array of amenities that surpass traditional expectations for condos. These amenities may include exquisite restaurants, rejuvenating spas, inviting swimming pools, and ample meeting spaces.

Given that many homes and condos in Deer Valley seamlessly integrate with the resort, residents enjoy a lifestyle intertwined with the excellence of the ski destination. This integration manifests in exceptional amenities, such as complimentary parking lot shuttles, dedicated ski valets, access to world-class cuisine, convenient ski storage facilities, professional ski lessons, and reliable childcare services. The comprehensive offerings contribute to Deer Valley's reputation as a premier destination that harmoniously blends luxury living with world-class skiing experiences.

Deer Valley Sales Trends Review: 2019 - 2022

Updated as of January 2023: Deer Valley has consistently proven to be a thriving market for The Higman Real Estate Team, with ski property sales constituting a significant portion of our success. Our genuine appreciation for the homes and condos in Deer Valley undoubtedly contributes to our strong performance in this area.

A comparison of data from 2019, 2020, and 2021 reveals a consistent upward trend in the number of transactions, accompanied by a decrease in days on the market. However, 2022 brought about a notable shift, with a nearly 52% decrease in the number of transactions. Simultaneously, the days on the market decreased by approximately 45%. Despite this adjustment, our team adeptly navigated the challenges, securing contracts for an impressive 75% of properties in Lower Deer Valley at one point, showcasing our resilience in a market with minimal inventory.

The decline in the number of properties sold in Deer Valley in 2022 can be attributed to the absence of new developments available for sale. While we've successfully sold new condos in Empire Pass for several years, the scarcity of building parcels and the absence of new construction projects on the horizon have impacted market dynamics.

In 2022, the average Deer Valley property sold for $3,763,524, ranging from $750,000 to $16,850,000.

Below are sales trends for Deer Valley from 2019 to 2022, with the first graph illustrating trends for single-family homes, and the second focusing on condominiums that have been sold.

Deer Valley Single Home Sales Trends: 2019-2022 Year over Year Comparison Report - 12 Month Rolling Average thru Q4-2022 for single-family home sales

Deer Valley Sales Statistics 2022:

Total Dollar Volume: $519,366,390 (down $462,256,226, primarily due to a lack of quality inventory)
Number of Transactions: 140 (a decrease of 131 transactions; inventory was minimal throughout 2022)
Highest Sales Price: $16,850,000 (Deer Crest)
Lowest Sales Price: $750,000 (Courchevel)
Average Sales Price: $3,763,524
Average Days on Market: 37 (decreased by 43 days, indicating properties were selling rapidly)
Percent of Buyers in Deer Valley Paying Cash or 1031 Exchange: 55%
Number of 2021 foreclosures in Deer Valley: 0
Deer Valley Sales Statistics 2021:

Total Dollar Volume: $981,622,616
Number of Transactions: 271
Highest Sales Price: $19,500,000 (Deer Crest)
Lowest Sales Price: $565,000 (Courchevel)
Average Sales Price: $3,622,223
Average Days on Market: 80
Percent of Buyers in Deer Valley Paying Cash or 1031 Exchange: 66%
Number of 2021 foreclosures in Deer Valley: 0
Real Estate Statistics 2020:

Total Dollar Volume: $686,726,555
Number of Transactions: 246
Highest Sales Price: $9,500,000
Lowest Sales Price: $474,500 (Fractional)
Average Sales Price: $2,802,965
Average Days on Market: 135.4
Percent of Buyers Paying Cash: 53%
Number of Short Sales or Foreclosures in Deer Valley: 0


Total Dollar Volume: $405,619,744
Number of Transactions: 155
Highest Sales Price: $23,750,000
Lowest Sales Price: $695,000
Average Sales Price: $2,616,902
Average Days on Market: 221
Percent of Buyers Paying Cash: 59%
Number of Short Sales or Foreclosures in Deer Valley: 0

The Deer Valley Lifestyle

Deer Valley Ski Home

Certainly, the homes and condos available for sale in the Deer Valley area offer a wealth of entertainment for both ski enthusiasts and outdoor lovers alike. Deer Valley takes pride in being one of the three skier-only ski mountain resorts in North America, renowned for its outstanding slopes, expansive views, five-star customer service, and delectable cuisine.

During the summer months, residents retreat to their Deer Valley vacation homes to embrace 55 miles of exceptional hiking and biking trails. The area also provides opportunities for horseback riding, paddleboarding, and attending concerts at the amphitheater.

Even in the prestigious Red Cloud neighborhood, where you feel on top of the world, you're just moments away from a myriad of local amenities. For instance, homes for sale in Deer Valley are a mere 5 minutes from the renowned historic Main Street in Park City, offering access to highly acclaimed restaurants, nightclubs, and shopping experiences.

Deer Valley's strategic location places it 40 minutes from Salt Lake International Airport and less than 20 minutes from Park City Hospital, ensuring convenience for residents. Whether you prefer onsite options or nearby establishments, there are ample choices for all your grocery needs.

If you're interested in previewing homes and condos in the Deer Valley resort area with a real estate professional, reach out to Paula Higman today. She can guide you through the best real estate options when buying in the Park City area and also provide access to off-market real estate opportunities for a more comprehensive search in Deer Valley.

New Condo Developments in Deer Valley, Utah

Deer Valley New Condo Developments

In the past few years, Deer Valley Resort Area has witnessed the emergence of six notable new condominium developments, each comprising a collection of seven real estate developments. All of these properties boast an elevated standard of amenities and coveted ski-in-ski-out access to the pristine ski runs of Deer Valley.

These developments not only offer exceptional winter experiences but also provide unparalleled summer delights, all set against a backdrop of breathtaking views. With onsite management to assist in property rental and a dedicated ski valet service, the convenience and luxury are paramount.

However, it's worth noting that the supply of new construction within Deer Valley is limited, while the demand has consistently remained exceptionally high. Although some developments may have already reached full capacity, the most recent condominium development in Deer Crest stands as a promising option, presenting an exciting opportunity for those seeking the latest and finest offerings in this coveted area.

  • EMPIRE RESIDENCES: a collection of 20 luxury residences nestled at the base of the Silver Strike chair lift in the heart of the Village at Empire Pass.
  • GOLDENER HIRSCH : This exquisite Deer Valley development consists of 2 separate residence buildings, each with 6 levels and connected by a sky bridge. Amenities abound at the new ...
  • ONE EMPIRE PASS consists of 27 individual residences with large glass windows and fantastic views of Old Town and Empire Pass.  
  • ARGENT DEER VALLEY:   Argent's intimate enclave of just 28 residences represents a rare opportunity, as it is the very last residential lodge in Deer Valley's Village at Empire Pass. Offers residences from 1,627 sq ft to over 4,000 sq ft. 
  • ST. REGIS AND ST. REGIS SNOWPARK:  The St. Regis hotel sits within the Deer Crest community, and access may be from Lower Deer Valley or the resort's backside via Hwy-40. 
  • STEIN ERIKSEN RESIDENCES (SER) offers 39 condominiums and 15 contemporary mountain homes in Upper Deer Valley. 
  • SOMMET BLANC DEER VALLEY is the last development in Empire Pass.  It consists of 54 condominiums and six townhomes with excellent ski access.

How to Get the Best Deal on a Ski Home or Condo

Deer Valley stands as Utah's most exclusive real estate locale, yet it remains a superior value compared to some other upscale ski towns. While the sales process may be more deliberate here, with no obligation for anyone to buy or sell, the allure of Deer Valley is undeniable—everyone wants to be a part of this exceptional community.

As a Deer Valley Realtor, my strategy involves achieving remarkable deals for clients by targeting older listings that have lingered on the market, often presenting opportunities for negotiation in favor of the buyer. Recognizing the potential in these properties, I collaborate with a skilled contractor and multiple interior designers to transform tired homes into like-new gems.

A recent success story involves a remodel in The Bald Eagle Club, where clients purchased a ski-in-ski-out home and sought a personalized touch. Through strategic changes in the kitchen layout, updated color schemes, and new bathroom tiles, we revitalized the property. Similarly, a client who acquired a three-bedroom condo in Deer Valley turned to my recommended local contractor and interior designer for a comprehensive 1980s remodel. This endeavor, encompassing paint, a kitchen overhaul, and railing updates, not only enhanced the vacation property but also resulted in a substantial profit upon resale.

In essence, the lesson here is that even with older condos in need of renovation, we have the expertise to breathe new life into them, regardless of the scale of the project.

Why I Love Deer Valley Real Estate

As we're aware, Park City boasts several noteworthy areas and neighborhoods, with Deer Valley holding a special place in my heart. After careful consideration, my response is clear—I cherish the tranquility and serene ambiance of Deer Valley, along with the expansive vistas of Park City and the Uinta Mountains.

In Deer Valley, a sense of peace and calm envelops you, a unique experience only found in the mountains. Immersing oneself in the forest, surrounded by the melodies of chirping birds, the gentle rustling of aspen leaves in the wind, and the invigorating scent of towering pines in Upper Deer Valley, is truly delightful.

Whether in Deer Crest, where the panoramic views of Jordanelle Reservoir captivate with their timeless beauty, or witnessing the annual spectacle of leaves transforming into a vibrant array of colors in Empire Pass, each moment is a celebration. And let's not forget the enjoyment derived from summer concerts or leisurely strolls around the serene lakes in Lower Deer Valley—these are the experiences that make Deer Valley my personal haven.

Deer Valley Resort Area REALTOR®

Allow our team of DEER VALLEY REALTORS to expertly navigate you through the intricacies of the buying or selling process in Deer Valley. With seasoned expertise in Deer Valley real estate, we've successfully facilitated transactions from The Oaks at Deer Valley to Bald Eagle and around Montage Deer Valley. Our proficiency extends to uncovering off-market properties, providing you with comprehensive access to every property currently listed by real estate brokers in Park City through this website.

Our primary objective is to furnish you with valuable information about the area, aiming to earn your trust and business when the timing aligns for your ski property transaction. Paula Higman has orchestrated a dynamic marketing approach to assist clients in securing the best real estate deals in the Park City region.

Explore the capabilities of our advanced Park City MLS search, where you can effortlessly navigate and filter properties by location, price, amenities, and more, ensuring you find the perfect Deer Valley property that suits your preferences.


Deer Valley Resort Area Frequently Asked Real Estate Questions [FAQS]



The foundational elevation of Deer Valley Resort stands at 6,570 feet above sea level. As one ascends to the mid-mountain region, also recognized as Silver Lake Village, the altitude reaches 8,100 feet. The pinnacle of elevation at the Empire summit stands at an impressive 9,570 feet. Among the various neighborhoods, Red Cloud claims the highest position in terms of elevation, adding a distinctive perspective to the four different areas.


Deer Valley Resort exclusively caters to skiers, maintaining a policy that does not permit snowboarding. Nevertheless, if you're inclined towards snowboarding, the Wasatch Mountains offer a multitude of alternative options. Explore the thrilling slopes of Alta, Brighton, Snowbird, and Solitude while reveling in the diverse snowboarding experiences they provide.

For a convenient and local adventure, consider obtaining lift tickets for Park City Mountain or Woodward Park City. Both destinations offer exceptional winter sports experiences, ensuring a memorable time on the slopes. Embrace the diverse opportunities available in the picturesque Wasatch front ski resorts during your visit to Utah.


Park City boasts a comparatively milder climate and stands out as an easily accessible destination, setting it apart from many other ski towns. Utah, renowned for having "The Best Snow on Earth," enhances the overall skiing experience. Depending on the season, Deer Valley consistently ranks as a premier resort for large groups encompassing a diverse range of age groups.

When measuring up against alternative local resorts, Deer Valley distinguishes itself by taking immense pride in meticulously maintaining its ski runs. This commitment ensures that everyone, regardless of skill level or age, can fully relish the mountain experience. Deer Valley's dedication to providing an inclusive and enjoyable environment contributes to its reputation as a top choice for skiing enthusiasts.



If you're in search of a ski property, Deer Valley presents a plethora of options to cater to diverse preferences. The range includes homes, condos, stacked condos, parcels of land, and fractional ownership. Whether nestled "in the trees" for a secluded ambiance, boasting expansive vistas of the Park City valley, or providing scenic views of Jordanelle, there's a property to suit every taste.

With four distinct primary areas within Deer Valley, each offering unique settings, residents and visitors alike can find an ideal backdrop for their mountain lifestyle. The variety of property types and settings underscores Deer Valley's commitment to accommodating a wide range of preferences and ensuring a personalized and satisfying experience for all.









Insure that you have the best representation when buying and/or selling in the DEER VALLEY and Surrounding areas. 

Contact Paula Higman Real Estate Park City at 435-602-8228 for a property tour and more information about Deer Valley.


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